As a young boy I can remember loving the outdoors. I looked forward to helping my grandfather in his yard learning gardening and landscaping. Since I enjoyed it so much, I decided to help my own neighbors in York Maine. I assisted them with odd jobs, mowing, planting, and pruning their shrubs.

I enjoy working, and I worked extra hard for the neighbors' approval and praise because I wanted to see them happy. As I got older and finished school, I decided to continue doing what I loved and was passionate about. Landscaping was the obvious choice — plus I now had plenty of experience.

I bought a used push mower, plastic rake, weed trimmer, and an old pick up truck — and now I was on my way.

I named the company, Marshall Bros. Landscaping after my younger and only brother F. Joshua Marshall who passed away at age 11 due to a long battle with cancer. Those days were tough but they made me strong and determined to succeed. With a lot of hard work, great employees, dedicated happy customers, the business grew and has been going strong since it started in 1994.

It’s hard to believe how far I have come from where I had started. I enjoy my work and take pride in my business, which is a reflection of myself, my beliefs, my family name, and most of all, my brother’s memory. I’m fortunate to have had this opportunity to fulfill my passion and look forward to serving the seacoast.

— F. Jefferey Marshall
   Owner, Marshall Bros. Landscaping

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